The Guild of Horticultural Judges Policy for Shows

1. The invitation to judge should give as much detail as possible including fees, travelling expenses, accommodation, time and date of judging and the name(s) of fellow judges. Judges should confirm their acceptance in writing.

2. Judges should be sent a copy of the show schedule, that must include details of the distribution of prize money and medals, entry and car park passes, and an expenses claim form. This information be sent one month in advance of the show, if possible.

3. At the appointed time of judging, the exhibition area should be cleared of all personnel except stewards.

4. Show organisers should provide sufficient stewards to assist the judges.

5. Judges should provide Guild marking sheets to show secretaries if requested.

6. The decision of the judges is final, and the results should not be altered under any circumstances without the judges' agreement.

7. No notification of the medal award should be made until the proper cards are issued by the show society.

8. Judges should serve a maximum of three consecutive years at any one show.

9. Judges should always be available to discuss exhibitors' questions and to give help and advice after judging has taken place.

10. The Guild recommends that a minimum of two judges should be engaged for the assessment of horticultural trade exhibits using the Guild's standard incorporating the Royal Horticultural Society's judging guidelines.

11. Expenses: Show organisers should consult Judges individually in relation to the payment of expenses.

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