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Name Contact Horticultural Experience Speciality


Mel Henley Mobile:
07446 037145
Master of Horticulture RHS. Previous work as Parks Manager including Watford Botanical Garden, Head of Parks at Hackney, Oxford University Gardens and Nottingham Parks. Owned and run specialist herbaceous nursery. Britain in Bloom Judge and managed entries for several towns and cities. General exhibits, show gardens, trees, shrubs and herbaceous.


John Penney, F.CI. Hort.

01425 620316
07762 214494
Over 50 years of experience in commercial glasshouse horticulture. I have been involved with the Flower Show at the New Forest Show since 1992, and became the Chairman and main show organiser in 2006. I joined the Guild of Horticultural Judges in 2012. Cut flowers, pot plants and herbaceous. Will travel any distance for judging appointments.


David Beaumont Tel:
01707 258826
07900 583369
London Borough of Camden from apprentice to Nursery Manager, over last 31 years. Head Gardener for the Marchioness of Salisbury at Hatfield House. General horticultural exhibits, shrubs, trees, herbaceous plants grown organically.
Laurie Eggenton, M.CI. Hort, MPGCA, Dip. RSA Mobile:
07773 726440
Over 40 years' horticultural experience, garden consultant, horticultural lecturer and builder of RHS gold medal winning gardens. General exhibits, show gardens, trees, shrubs and herbaceous.


Peter Booker Tel:
01652 688625
07990 975389
Grower and exhibitor of carnations and pinks. The author of many articles on carnations and pinks. Organiser of the Carnation World Championship 2009. Carnations, pinks, horticultural trade exhibits, allotments and garden competitions.


Mark Wasilewski Tel:
020 7839 5235
020 7930 1793
30 years horticultural experience in the public sector, presently with The Royal Parks as Manager of St James' Park and The Green Park. General ornamental horticulture.


Steven Perkins, F.ILAM, MI Hort, MILLM Tel:
0151 427 1114
50 years Local Goverment Officer, Parks and Gardens (retired). General ornamental horticulture, parks and decorative displays.
Terry Tasker

01704 213048
07951 834066
Lecturer and writer, 25 years growing and exhibiting begonia species, Horticultural Adviser/Manager - Southport Flower Show. Begonias, roses, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, horticultural trade exhibits.


Nicholas Warliker, BA(Hons), MI Hort Tel:01933 682391
01933 353656
Lifetime professional gardener, 25 years Head Gardener to HRH Princess Alice, BBC Radio Northampton Question Time panellist, garden centre manager, consultant and writer, AE tutor. Fruit, vegetables, general ornamental, horticultural trade displays.


Ann Holland, RHS Cert Hort, Prof Dip Garden Design Mobile:
07976 613632
Gardens manager of private historic garden under complete renovation. Chair of Norton in Hales in Bloom, RHS Britain in Bloom Champions of Champions 2015. RHS National Finals judge for Britain in Bloom General ornamental horticulture, parks and decorative displays.
John Tilbury, AHRHS, MI Hort

01952 676471
07836 329156
Retired owner of nursery with 30 years showing experience and previously landscaping. Conifers, hardy nursery stock.


Roy Cheek, AHRHS, B.Ed, M.Hort, F.Inst.Hort

01278 451814
07788 593674
Nurseries, Parks Manager 18 years, Senior Lecturer and Curator of Cannington College 20 years, major show exhibitor 30 years, consultant, writer and international tour leader. Very wide range.
Gerald Morgan, Dip. Hort. (Kew) Tel:
01458 835861
Lifetime in horticulture, covering public, private and commercial sectors. Principal Officer, Southampton Parks City Council. Supt. of Grounds, Royal Hospital Chelsea, now retired. Panelist on BBC. Radio Solent "Top Soil" programme, Southern England in Bloom Judge. General horticultural exhibits, trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants.
Mark Penton Tel:
01458 835861
07938 503939
Trained and worked at Hilliers Nurseries. Nurseries Officer and Grounds Officer for Southampton City Council for 25 years. Assisted in the designing and construction of show stand at Chelsea Flower Show. Former Head Gardener for Sir Edmond and Lady Bacon,Suffolk. Former Self Employed Garden Maintenance for 13 years. Co-ordinator of Glastonbury in Bloom. General horticultural and ornamental exhibits, trees, shrubs, conifers, climbers and herbaceous plants.
Vic Verrier, MBE, MILAM, MI Hort

Tel & Fax:
01823 283203
07528 178088
Over 40 years horticultural experience, mainly in the public sector, now retired. A former parks and amenities officer with the local authority, President of RHS South West In Bloom region, radio broadcaster, writer and college panel horticultural advisor. All aspects of amenity horticulture.
Jon S Wheatley, AHRHS Tel & Fax:
01275 333007
07896 40518br>Email:
35 years Director of Parks & Leisure, City of Bath and City of Bristol. Now writing, broadcasting and consultant. Dahlias, trees and shrubs, herbaceous.

Tyne & Wear

Rae Beckwith

0191 488 7138
07854 069783
20 years Manager - Gateshead Council (retired), Chair - Whickham In Bloom, Chair - Houghall College Training Committee, Chair - Daffodil Society Northern Group, RHS judge for floral show and Britain In Bloom. Daffodils, tulips, other spring subjects, roses, garden competitions, Britain In Bloom.


Paul Almond Mobile:
07773 573071
32 years as Horticultural Manager with local councils, including floral displays, landscape design and maintenance. General ornamental, show gardens.
Christopher Arnold

07768 915748
Nurseryman, former exhibitor, landscape contractor, 42 years proprietor of own business. Cacti/succulents, general ornamental, horticultural trade exhibits, show gardens.
Nigel Bishop, AHRHS, DH(Edin), FILAM, Dip.PRA

01926 422014
Head of Parks, Warwick District Council (retired), working in the private and public sectors for over 40 years in horticulture, landscape and arboriculture. General ornamental, trade, to include trees and shrubs, hardy plants, cut flowers, pot plants, fruit and vegetables, landscape gardens.
Mike Hinton M.Hort (RHS), Cert.Ed. (Fe) Tel:
02476 421958
40 years with Birmingham City Council, now District Parks Manager, horticultural lecturer, former exhibitor at RHS shows. Amenity Horticulture, general ornamental.
Ken Wiggett Tel:
01962 420592
37 years in horticulture including contract management, landscape planning, displays and public presentations. Judging over 30 years including the Green Flag Award Scheme and Towns "In Bloom" awards. Amenity Horticulture, general ornamental.


Angela Cave, NDH Tel:
01249 713520
01225 308092
NDH Lackham, winner of Menhinnick Trophy and RHS award. Mendip District Council - Landscape Department. Own company design and gardening. Currently writing for Minerva Publications. General ornamental


W J (Bill) Simpson, MBE, AHRHS, BSc (Hort), FCI Hort Tel:
01905 353314
07770 411611
Over 40 years, education and training. Former Vice Principal Merrist Wood College, Principal of Pershore College of Horticulture (1980-1991), RHS Director of Horticulture (retired). Cut flowers, pot plants, fruit and vegetables, horticultural trade stands, educational and scientific exhibits.

Yorkshire (North)

Roger Burnett Tel:
07967 465284
39 years in parks, arboriculture and parks management, Chairman of Britain in Bloom. Pelargoniums.
David Matthewman Dip Hort (Kew) Tel:
01609 778891
Mobile: 07952 583946 / 07986 275346
37 years in the public sector, nurseryman and seedsman. Sweet peas, dahlias, daffodils, dwarf rhododendrons and azaleas.
Sue Wood CI Hort Tel:
01423 505832
07732 155187
Horticultural Officer with Harrogate Borough Council since 1988, responsible for landscape schemes, liaising and mentoring "In Bloom" district councils and judging Britain in bloom. General ornamental horticulture.

Yorkshire (West)

David Mitchell, BSc (Hons), ILAM Dip.SDH, F.CI. Hort. Tel:
01977 689858
07967 730010
26 years in Parks, Chief Officer, 20 years self employed landscape contractor. Commercial experience in glasshouse crops and hardy nursery stock. Green Flag judge trainer, freelance writer and lecturer. Gardens and allotments, hardy nursery stock, general ornamental, house plants, fruit and vegetables, landscape gardens, horticultural trade stands. National Vegetable Society Judge.

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